It’s hard to define myself when i am still getting to know me~

Well…. A straightforward teen who is sarcastic and without any filter in her mouth and sometimes consider as insensitive. But at the same time I cry at slightest emotional shits!

Obsessed Reader, I love reading, not the normal love. It’s… un-explainable. I could read for hours and never get tired. An escape from reality.

Foodie as hell. No comments on that… I am a person who hates shopping but wouldn’t deny any search for food ♥

Music Maniac. I believe music has the power to calm any anxiety.

I am trying to be an enigma who is ethereal…

 Just kidding! i wanna be smartass, haha.

Writer. I write. Almost anything and nothing. I love writing fanfictions and stories.

Poet. A damn super sad poem writer. *Sighs*

And.. uh… I love maths! ❤