The rain is you!

I love rain. It’s comforting. The rain is like you, the rain is YOU!

When it rains, I feel alive, I smile, jump in happiness. Just like when you are here, it feels beautiful. But when the rain stops, i get restless, the atmosphere seems anxious. Everything seems odd. It’s just like when you are not around, not here with me, it get’s disappointing…. kind of sad, life seems out of order.

But sometimes when the cold breezes caress my face, when the sky is dim and clear, when the aftermath fragrance of rain pecks on my lips, when it’s not raining anymore, it’s wonderful too, almost enjoyable.

Sometimes when you are not here with me, it’s better. It’s relaxing. Sometimes when it doesn’t rain and everything shines brightly, it feels amazing. And maybe… maybe… sometimes… I like my life without you too.


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