Let me tell you many lies-

‘I am okay, so damn fine

I don’t need you, I am alright

I am happy, don’t I always smile?’


No, I don’t care but yes I am lying!

Can’t you see my dulled eyes, silently crying?

Can’t you see beneath these walls I am breaking?

Can’t you feel my heart, my hope falling?

So many people around yet I feel like I am losing…

Losing myself in the crowd, in trance, shattering.


Everywhere, all over the place

Trying to adjust in the small space

Trapped, can’t escape this maze

Hurts, can’t breakthrough this haze

Betrayed, can’t recognize any face

Unbalanced, stumbling on my own shoe lace

Confused, lost in so many ways

Exhausted, can’t increase my pace

Defeated, still in daze

Eyes closed, waiting to be done with this phase…


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