Cursed with love

I wanna say I love you

I wanna look into your eyes

But why every time our eyes meet,

it seems like a goodbye?


This pain oh god, it hurts so good

I want more, I can’t stop even though I should…

Why is love so bad, so addictive?

Why can’t I let go, resist this?


So is love just a broken promise?

A slow poison, dangerous and toxic.

Ripping my soul gently, fulfilling my need

Feels like a crime but legal and neat.


A knife so soft, almost deceiving

A fire so cold, almost consuming.


Disguising dark and twisted nature of love

Gathering all emotions at once,

ready to burst.

It breaks us at our best

and heals us at our worst

Some are blessed with it, some are cursed.

No antidote, nothing to quench this thirst

Then in the end-

heart turns to stone which no once can crush.


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