Love-hate, your facade..

I love one part of you

but hate the other facade…

I trusted you blindly,

putting everything at stake

But you lie every time,

disguising it as your mistakes

Your words on my heart,

like heavy weight

You swear to change saying

it’s not yet too late

But why every time I look at you,

I see someone else playing the game

You promise to improve,

but will your hypocrisy ever be tamed?

You say you won’t do that again

so why always you apologize for the same?


Do you do this for fun?

Do the deeds and run.

Or is it a mental disease?

Lying so smoothly with ease.


You’re two sided, like a carbon

One a graphite, other a diamond.

One part to love, one part to hate

now has this become our fate?

Running away, yet colliding again

This love-hate seems to keep us sane.






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