Love is not blind

I have heard it so many times ‘Love is blind’

But is it really?

I don’t think so. How can it be blind? how?

You can’t love a person just like that. You look deep inside their soul, the darkest part of their mind… the dying part of their heart and fall in love with that. It’s not easy, falling for someone, but once you are trapped in love, loving is so damn easy.

Now coming back to it. How can love be blind when I found him the most beautiful out of all the other boys? Is it because I chose to love him even though he was bad? because he has flaws? even though he hurt me so much that it paralyze my being? even though he choose to hurt me and yet I, like fool, still sing his song?

No. Not at all. I am not blind to his mistakes, to his flaws, his imperfection… his cruelness. I see it so clearly that it is now engraved in my heart, too deep to erase.

It’s because…

Love is ignorance, being in love makes you ignorant.

You see it so clearly yet you choose to ignore it, you try to stay in denial even though your mind silently agrees that this is not right, you try to stay in the dark even though your mind is showering in the light.

I choose to ignore it.

Choose to ignore the way he has wounded me, how he has poisoned me, how he forced me to take a fall but never gave a hand to me, how badly he is making my world spin and tremble in chaos.

We all just ignore. No matter how stupid it is… how foolish it is to keep holding it.

Love is not blind, it’s ignorant.



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