Dear love…

Dear my dork,

Don’t ever think that my love for you is shredding, that being apart from you doesn’t feel like agony. That your soul doesn’t bring me ecstasy anymore, that your smile doesn’t accelerate my heart beat. That your warmth doesn’t leave tingling sensation throughout my body. That your voice doesn’t give me the pleasure it used to…

I love you too much to let you go so easily. But it’s not the right time nor the right place. I want to you to go out there, shine bright like a diamond. And when the time is right, we will emerge again. We will prove our love, our desperation. Not to the crowds but to the universe! We will show what real love looks like, how ethereal it feels, how enigmatic it is…

We will show them how painful it is to be apart for so long. Like heart being ripped out from its master’s cage.

One day for sure. But not now. Not today. This life now has become so chaotic that even when you are close it feels like poison invading my senses, my heart… My soul.


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