Nightmares/Monster (Iron-man inspired)

Sometimes when it gets too cold at night

All the pain rush in, making me feel alive

Searching for a way out, an escape or a light

All the nightmares and insecurities

consuming me, giving me a fright


Feeling out of place, like this is not where I belong

Love in my eyes, now fading almost gone

I want to make things right but everything feels so wrong


I am on my own, empty heart

All dreams burned, even though i dreamed stars

Madness feels sane, a beautiful art

Now I have thrown all hopes behind the bars


Wanna be loved, want no hate

But stubborn heart refuse to cooperate

Struggling to be strong but the heart is at stake

A lonely droplet that slowly evaporates

Even though I exist it feels like a mistake

Even if I disappeared no tears will go to waste

Cuz’ no one cares, nor are they to blame

Cuz’ I am bad, a monster untamed


So change your path, don’t play my game

I am already numbed-

but you beware of getting hurt

Though this pain, my baby, ain’t an ordinary one

Will destroy you, consume you, leave you to rust

So change your path, let go of my lust.



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